Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crochet Sports Bag with drawstring

I decided to make one of those drawstring sports bag backpack things but couldn't find a pattern so I made it up. Figured I'd share to save someone else the trouble. I did every 7th row double crochets because it feels like it crochets up faster but it is ok to do the whole thing in singles and you just string the straps through the corners of the bag instead of through the row of double crochets.
I used an I hook and worsted weight yarn. I chose to stripe my bag - 7 rows green 14 black 7 green and so on

Chain 40
Row 1: SC in second stitch from hook. sc in every stitch across, turn.
Row 2-7: CH1, SC in every stitch across, turn.(38) (there are 4 extra rows here to allow for a seam at the top to slip your straps through)
Row 8: CH2, DC in every stitch across, turn. (38)
Row 9-14: CH1, SC in every stitch across, turn. (38)
Row 15: CH2, DC in every stitch across, turn (38) (are you seeing a pattern yet?)
Row 16-21: CH1, SC in every stitch across, turn. (38)
Row 22: CH2, DC in every stitch across, turn (38)
Row 23-28: CH1, SC in every stitch across, turn. (38)
Row 29: CH2, DC in every stitch across, turn (38)
Repeat this pattern until you have 106 rows of 38 stitches across and account for an extra 4 rows on either end of single crochets (for the seam)
Weave in ends, fold top 4 rows over and sew across with a yarn needle to create a wide seam for your straps to string through. Sew down both sides making sure your rows match up.

For the straps, you are free to get as creative as you like. I wanted to use cord from the craft store or something similar but in favor of finishing the project sooner rather than later, I went ahead and made my own. Measure and cut 4 lengths of yarn approximately 10ft long. String through both seams (all the way around. in one side, out the other, in the other seam on the same side and out at the beginning, this enables the draw string effect) see diagram below if that doesn't make sense, and please excuse my shoddy paint image LOL.

After threading the strands of yarn through the seams, ensure all ends are even and tie a knot at the top where the strap comes out of the bag (bag should be all the way open when you do this) and braid the strands together until you get to the end. Thread through the lowest row of double crochets on the bag, tie a large knot so the strap cannot come lose. Repeat for other side.

I don't mind if you sell the products you make with my patterns, just please give me credit. 


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